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“I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect.”

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“I hope they are times where I cross your mind. Maybe when you’re searching through the radio stations and you hear a favorite song of mine and think of the time I hummed it in bed. Or maybe when you’re channel surfing and come across an old tv show we used to watch together. I hope you think of me when you’re in the corner store and see my favorite drink and remember the time you made me laugh and I choked and spilt it all over myself. I hope you there are times where you miss me.”

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“You lose someone and you never really are the same after that. I remember the day I lost her and the first selfish thought that came to my mind was, now I won’t have anyone to kiss me goodnight. As the years pass, you learn that losing someone soon becomes selfless rather than selfish. I’ve learned that losing her changed me as a person, it made me realize that my life is nothing without her in it. You become immune to love and you wonder why it ever failed with the one person you would have asked to be your wife. I remember how I felt the day I lost her, and sadly it’s more painful today than it was 4 years ago. I hear about her through friends and I see her pictures on social media. She is succeeding and happy with her life and there’s nothing I can do about it. I want to reach for her tell her I’m so proud of her. I want to be the one to give her hugs on days when she feels like giving up and I want to be the one to give her congratulation kisses when she’s in her triumphs. I want to be the one she comes running to when she’s happy, when she’s sad, when she just wants someone to love. You lose someone and you’re never really the same. I use be selfish and wonder how I could survive without her but now, now I’m selfless because all I care about is her. Her, her, her, I worry in the dark of the night and wonder if she could hear my thoughts from miles away. I want her to know that my chest hurts when her heart aches; I want her to know that she is the one regret in life. I don’t regret our love but I regret losing her and not fighting for her when I should have. You know, you lose someone and you’re never really the same after that because when she walks away, she walks away for good. She leaves a bit stronger because she now has a piece of you, a piece of you that you’ll never get back; a piece of you that will remind her not to fall in love with just another selfish idiot.”

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“More than anything, at the end of the day, I don’t want to lose him. He’s there, I know, and that is keeping me from breaking down. I gathered all the pieces of my puzzle and he’s already there, one piece among every special pieces I have here. There’s a room for more puzzle pieces, but with him, I already completed half or more of my lifetime.”

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“I remember all the late night talks and all the words i was comfortable saying to him, but i never would have been able to say to anyone else. i remember all the songs that take me back and make me smile. i remember all the moments he took my breath away. i remember the games we played because we talked so much we couldn’t think of anything to say. i miss you.”

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“You couldn’t handle her anymore, she was broken and you thought you weren’t. The truth is, she was struggling to survive and trying to remember how to breathe. Everyday was hard for her and you didn’t make it any easier all those times you questioned her about her shaking hands or vacant state. She tried not to be so obvious about the fact that it felt like the world was sitting on her shoulders and that she thought she might collapse at any second, she tried to hide her sadness from you, she always smiled as you neared even though just moments before she had been clutching her chest in the bathroom stall trying to keep her heart from jumping out of her throat.
She put you on a pedestal, she adores you, but it wasn’t ever enough and you NEEDED, WANTED, HAD to get more.
More more more more more.
So you did exactly that, you found a girl with brighter eyes and a smile that didn’t falter. Fuck, you should have seen her the night she found out. She shattered and the tears that fell from her eyes were stronger than tsunami tides. People said she was a mess, but in this situation I think you’re the fucking train wreck because you couldn’t love a girl who didn’t love herself and although her sadness wasn’t romantic, you didn’t do much to teach her the tricks on how to live in a state of bliss.
Hey, man, I’ll let you know one thing- you’ll see her weeks from the day you told her that you couldn’t deal with her pain and despair any longer and you won’t recognize the girl walking by because she’ll have met some people who fill the emptiness in her eyes and put some strength into her spine
And you’ll wish you had bothered to fucking try”

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“She’s the girl that has a few best friends & doesn’t need anymore, the girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes. She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back & say sorry. She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her, the girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up. She’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is. She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you. She’s the girl who believes in loving somebody forever. She’s me.”

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“There are around 7billion people in the world, but I don’t think I was made for anyone but you”

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